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About PBG

An effective brand should express what you do and who you are. Put simply, it should define your services through logo, color, and typography. We help you define your brand with our knowledge of effective, impactful brand design.

impact-driven process

Every project is unique but generally speaking we can apply fundamentals that help to define goals and create strategies that have the most impact. Whether it's logo design or a full brand or rebrand, through the following 6 steps we can establish the key metrics required to unlock the final outcome:

  • Research
  • Discover
  • Measure
  • Pinpoint
  • Strategize
  • Execute
  1. Research is paramount to begin the process because it helps us begin to create our roadmap

  2. Discovery provides the knowledge of your industry needed to effectively understand how to represent it accuarately

  3. Measurement means assessment of the competition's effectiveness within their branding, campaigns, advertizing strategies etc. This data can be found from several available sources

  4. Pinpoint what is being done right within the field and assessing the validity of replicating or diversifying our approach

  5. Strategy is where we discuss and define the steps we'll take to get us to our required outcome/s

  6. Execute means go time! It's when we'll begin to create and/or deliver content to the audience


From Partners


a rare combination of creativity, professionalism, and friendliness

"PuzzleBox has a rare combination of creativity, professionalism, and friendliness. Bredon was easy to work with, responsive, and reliable. We couldn't recommend PuzzleBoxGraphics more highly."

— John Moore | firstpersonresponder.org


the quality of work was exceptional

"...really took the time to understand my brand. On top of that, the quality of work was exceptional. Highly recommended."

— Tosheed Thompson | RHEY Apparel


trusted talent that provides quality work

"We recommend PuzzleBoxGraphics for any digital graphic design, but especially for those looking to create a new high-res brand logo design or any complimentary branded assets for the brand."

— Tanya Troska | Back2Basics

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Contact puzzle box graphics today so that we can discuss your needs. The puzzle box graphics ethos confidently assures professionalism, accuracy, and steadfast respect for each and every client's vision. Above all, we understand that a product or service is rarely ever just that, it is the vision and calling of every client and it's our mission to ensure that vision is achieved to their satisfaction.

(We're also very friendly too!)

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